Me and Ann got together and thought about our idea more thoroughly.

Idea one was to be on a beach and have money sitting on the floor, then the tide coming in taking the money and taking out to see, the quote would have been time waits for no man.

idea two money time picture of finical district this links with time and money again. ( this is the idea we have worked on)

idea three printed notes, dollars, pounds, yen, euros stuck on the wall transforming into a clock.

Final idea is to shoot in central London around the financial district still linking with the element of time is money also shooting the people walking around in busy times to show you spend your time earning money, which still links to the element and aspect we are going for.


Photo 02-03-2015 14 23 56

Here is a brainstorm that me and Roger had put together to help eachother out with ideas. As you can see in the centre is the word time and what relates to time on the outside of the bubble, Some ideas are fairly obvious but others are abstract and outside the box but relate to time and could work great with photographer.