Main idea

The idea that I have in my mind and I like is that over the course of 40 years humans stopped caring about the world, so the world stopped caring about humans. The world as we know it turned its back on humans, stopping natural resources, which then made people go crazy turning on each other until they started wiping there selfs
out. This then led the world into utter chaos. As humans started dropping the world started growing, returning back to its original state, Greenery started re growing, taking down any warehouses and industry built factory’s in its way. This made it not safe to go outside, but out story will follow what it would be like to go outside in such a world. The world humans created, the world humans destroyed.


Video Project

We have now started our second project, this project is video. I have grouped up with Jonathan to do this project. We have been brainstorming ideas for a 3 minute video. So far some ideas we have came up with are found below. We have chosen to use the 3 rules, black and white, still tripod, and five second shots.