Original wire frames


Here you can see some of the original wireframe designs that we’re made before we got using app furnace, these designs was made by ummad, while umad was designing these wireframes, i slipped off to do abit of research on app furnace, seeing what it was about, how its used and see what the code was like, i quickly learnt how to do alot and this critically helped the group as i knew what to do before needing to know how to do it.

The above page is the original idea for the share page and sounds page, which was then called a beat board, this idea we scrapped and just called it sounds.


Above are the wirefram designs for te record page and the saved page.


So above we see something that isnt in the app, this page is the quick navigate page, well its not exactly a page but more of an interactive screen fixed element to the app, we never used this because we  couldnt figure out the coding and we never had enough time, but this would have been a slide up menu from the bottom showing the different page names for the user to navigate around the app faster.


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