Finalised design- code and app!

This is the blog on the final application design with more coding and the pages all intwining perfectly and working with added sounds and little details for the users enjoyment, we also linked the app more to a famous well known person, ours being jackie chan.


So here is the pre-home page, it shows jackie-chan, our famous person for the app to be based on, and the logo, once tapped, the logo will take you to the main home and will also make the noise of a throwing knife hitting a board.


Here is the main page, as you can see we have made some changes to it since the previous,. We have aded a picture of jackie chan from the animated series and if tapped he says ‘how may we help you’.


Here is the finished sounds page with all 12 blocks holding a different sound each.


So here is the newly added quotes page, this page is filled with funny a memorable quotes fromthe films, rush hour 1,2 and 3


This is the brand new BIO page, this page we have ut in instead of using a record page, the reason for this is because we couldnt find any code on making the record button actually record and allow you into the phone. This page is also great as it links you more to jackie chan and tells yo about him.


Again here is the page for the bio, this time as you see the image is glowing, the reason for this is because iff tapped on the image, it will take you to an external site allowing you to read a full biograpghy on jaciechan.


Here is the bio that it will link you to.


Here is the new improved share page, i took my time to add the code to these buttons making it possible for them to be tapped and take you starght to the log in page of each of these social network sites.


Here is the QR code for anyonne who may wanna test the app out themselfs


Here you see the coding i done to link the buttons with the social media sites.


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