App design on computer


Here is the desktop version of app furnace, I am about to be experimental and try create a beta for the app Karate Kicks.


Here is some of the separate pages I am putting into the app


Here is a little design I have come up with so far with working buttons that should take me to each page


I downloaded the app version on my iPhone to test out the app


Luckily it loads and works and you can see here that this is the home page I made


Here is my design for the sounds page, as you can see I have a back button a more button and the sounds buttons


Here is the more sounds page of you was to click the more button,  thereby also a r transition that slides to make it more attractive to the eye.


Here is the design for the saved sounds page,  where it says sound and length you can chose to sae your own sounds and name them and next to that will be the length of the sounds.


Here is the recording page, on this page you can record your own sounds to add to the soundboard as well as change the pitch and length and also distort the sounds.


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